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1) Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. Write an essay expressing your point of view. Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

All of the people consider that women can be good parents more than men. For this reason, everyone thinks that women are suitable to take care of their children the most. However, others agree that men are also good at parenting same as wives. In my point of view, I concur that wives are gentler to be ready to teach their kids. However, men have a better power to raise their children.

First, every mother is so kind to their daughter or son. This is very common for all residentials. It cannot be denied that women have a better sense to look after their children. A perfect example of this is mothers always prepare breakfast, the school uniform, and teach them homework. Hence, mothers will be the person who understands their kids need.

Secondly, someone admits that both women and men are the same. They can be the perfect parents. Especially, fathers have an open mind and lead their kids to do the right things. To illustrate, daughters usually share their stories and secrets with their fathers. Because they might think that no one can blame them if they do something mistake. Men will compromise them all the time. Thus, men have skills that can encourage their daughters. In fact, all children feel more comfortable when they talk to their father.

In conclusion, women are more likely to be good parents more than men. Because they can be a consultant to their children such as, study, friends, and food, etc. Alternatively, men will be a person who keeps their kids’ secrets. So, everyone will prefer sharing experiences with fathers when bad things happen to them.

2) Paying all workers the same salary in a company promotes harmony and respect among colleagues. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is an irrefutable fact that salary is one of the most important motivations to perform good at workplace. However, a segment of society believes that all employees in the company should get the same wage. I personally do not agree with this notion, because I believe that earnings should be based on the performance. The following paragraphs will highlight my opinion along with relevant examples.

First and foremost, employees should get salaries commensurate to their qualifications and experience. It would be wrong to expect seniors to accept the same wage as juniors as with years of experience employees develop as professionals, become more productive and subsequently, generate more value. Take, for example, software engineers. Junior developers do not have a real-life experience; therefore, need much more time to successfully complete tasks compared to senior developers.

Another reason is motivation. A higher wage is the most powerful motivation for everyone to perform better and work harder. Some people spend more years, and funds in order to get their qualifications driven by goal of earning more money. If companies start paying the same paycheque, in the long run, individuals will loose their motivations to be better qualified, and to work harder. Moreover, workers will not want to take the positions that require more efforts and responsibility. For example, nearly noboby wants to risk their life saving others while being payed same as someone who does office job.

To conclude, salary can incite individuals to rise through the ranks and work hard ensuring a better life. Thus, am convinced that emloyees should be payed based on the value they generate.

3)Nowadays, plastic money replacements such as credit and debit cards are extremely popular, even more than banknotes and coin. Advantages and Disadvantages

In the contemporary era, the use of cards is more and more popular than the old traditional exchange money. In the following paragraphs, the benefits and drawbacks of the circumstances will be discussed in detail before the conclusion is reached.

One clear advantage of card cash is that most people can pay for expensive things or many more products with one card, so there is extreme convenience everywhere. For example, if people obtain more paper money, it is easy to steal and it is difficult to put all the cash in their wallet. Another equally crucial benefit is that VISA or Master Card can pay in many countries without exchanging money before going abroad.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to digital money replacement. First, having problems in local or undeveloped areas where they do not have cash machines makes the value of debit cards unavailable, making individuals unable to buy goods. Secord, the criminal, is a serious issue. This is because people would face a huge loss not only on the check but also all the currency in the bank and linked to personal information. For instance, if the bandit steals the coin in their bag, it will disappear. Not only that, if a person is stolen, electronic money could be linked with some private data, which means the bandit could receive more than a penny.

To sum up, It depends on a person’s preference to decide whether it is convenient to use credit cards or not. However, the most important aspect to remember is that the robbery should be closely careful.

4)Some people prefer to work on school projects with a group, while others would rather work alone. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

In the present age, there has been much discussion revolving around the issue of whether some students tend to do their assignments on their own while others prefer to join a team. Some people believe that there are more advantages to participate and work as a group, on the other side, a fragment of students assert that working alone is more beneficial. Personally, I am in favour of the primary view.

On the one hand, some people argue that joining a group in order to do  school projects has more merits than demerits. It could be said that work as a team and sharing responsibilities with other classmates causes benefits in different levels. Furthermore, if students attend teamwork they will learn more about skills such as cooperation. For example, when some individuals need to performance on a project they should talk to each other about it, share their comments, and discuss different things. In addition, there is a possibility that two persons will disagree with each other but they have to listen carefully to the opposite idea and try to find a way that both of them agree with it.

On the other hand, many persons assert that working on assignments alone is a timesaver and needs less flexibility. Moreover, students do not need to manage a meeting and find a time that is good for all the teammates. For instance, if you have an assignment for school and preferred to do it by yourself whenever you have a new idea, you will be able to use it. However, if you work in a group, certainly, you should speak about it with your classmates and ask their opinion. These people believe that doing projects in this way makes more opportunities for the students.

To sum up, I would like to conclude that it is correct that working alone has fewer difficulties but there are more advantages to do it as a team. Teamwork helps pupils to learn many skills and improve them like communication, leadership, listen to other individuals and etc. Definitely, these skills will help people to have a better professional life and also better communication in society.

5)When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is an irrefutable fact that a job is one of the most important aspects of humans’ life. A segment of society believes that the most significant consideration when choosing a job is the wage. I agree with this notion to a great extent; however, other factors like job satisfaction and personality should not be ignored.

Salary should definitely be the first consideration. Year after year prices are escalating; thus, without an adequate salary people may easily fall into depression not knowing how to pay the bills.  Subsequently, in order to ensure mental and physical wellbeing, the paycheque should meet the expenses of individuals and guarantee a life in modest comfort. Take, for example, basic human needs.  With a good monthly wage people can afford to buy and consume products rich in vitamins and minerals, can go to hospitals once they feel sick, and provide quality education to their children. It is obvious why earnings have such a huge impact on individuals’ lives.

Similarly, job satisfaction is equally important to consider while choosing a job. People want to engage in tasks that they enjoy and that they feel good at doing. A positive attitude towards the workplace and colleagues can make one’s life meaningful. For instance, if someone is working under inhumane conditions, he or she will constantly be exposed to stress even if they are paid well.

To conclude, salary and job satisfaction are decisive considerations when it comes to choosing a job. Without a good paycheque, people can not ensure a good life, and without job satisfaction, they may feel desperate.

6)Many people think that mobile phones should be banned in public places such as libraries, shops and public transport. Do you agree or disagree?

The question of whether mobile phones should be regulated in public areas including common sites at school, in-stores and transport hubs has become progressive contentious. In my opinion, while this notion is an effective implication on social interactions, a complete ban is unrealistic and not feasible.

The frequently cited rationale for this reform being viable is the reinforced communication that it would bring. People these days tend to stare at their phones most of the time and make minimal efforts to hold conversations in public. One of the salient illustrations of this is often indicated in public spots including bus stops, parks and supermarkets. Compare this with decades ago before the advent of smartphones, our former generations had to resort to talking with each other, or at least reading a book to curb social anxiety. Had mobile phones been limited to use in such places, there would have a carry-on effect on potential friendships, interactive conversations and youngsters being more sociable and dynamic.

Albeit I concede the merits of this development like the one mentioned, I would still contend that banning phones is purely theoretical. The majority of jobs nowadays are involved with mobile usage and these devices have become indispensable. This can be most apparently seen in the cases of doctors or teachers, whose jobs would necessitate being available by phone throughout the day, so as is common with library officers and bus operators. Thus, mobile phones restricted to use in the workplace seem irrelevant. Moreover, they have served as important escapes for people to minimise boredom during breaks and while waiting. Therefore, allowing phone usage in shared places confers a valid standpoint as they have become not only a form of entertainment but also a key ingredient in working life.

In conclusion, the value of this proposal cannot outweigh its pernicious effect as this might disrupt daily operations at work. In my final thought, governors and regulators should propose a more holistic approach in order to strike some balance in the use of mobile phones in public.

7)Large companies use sports events to promote their products. Some people think this has a negative impact on sports. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

Big firms have had been using all most effective platforms to promote their business such as displaying their novelty during sports occasions. A segment of society thinks that this trend has deleterious effects on games. I totally agree with the aforementioned statement.

First and foremost, industrialists advertise their commodities by displaying their logo on players uniforms and sometimes hang banners around playgrounds. For instance, Coca-Cola companies have had been invested a large amount of money on cricket playgrounds as the game is extremely popular in India; this   to happen  provide an impressive source of advertisements on account of huge followers of the game. Apart from that, adolescents have frail minds and can be swayed easily. In other words, when they  watch that their favourite player is using that product, then they would be keen on buying the same one without weighing the benefits and use of it.

Moving further, big companies that invest their resources in games, persuade sportsmen to endorse their productions; this compelling demotivate players’ spirit as even without their will, they have to follow what they have been asked to do. A Pakistan’s player, for instance, has denied promoting the Kingfisher beer brand due to his religious belief and have been paying a fine to the organisers in response to the rejection. Thus, such a scenario alleviates players’ open and free-will attitude.

To conclude then, undoubtedly, in response to investments, large organisations demand  advertisements of their products, however, the willingness and freedom of sportsmen have been compromised in such cases and could affect the performance and game enthusiasm to some extent.

8)There are many people who go to live in different countries. To what extent should people be allowed to move freely between countries and live where they choose? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The migration of people between countries has risen to a greater extent in this contemporary times. In my opinion, I believe that there should be restrictions for entry into any other country rather than allowing them at an individual’s will because of surveillance reasons. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this trend, which will be discussed in these forthcoming paragraphs with relevant examples.

Security is an utmost important aspect to be considered to safeguard the citizens of a country. Keeping this in mind many regions are coming up with strong validation of every individual to enter into their regions. Developed countries across the world, for example, the USA, Australia and Canada are very strict in their entry regulations from a surveillance standpoint. Thus, it avoids security threats and all unwanted headaches beforehand to the destination country.

There are some drawbacks because of this migration process, which are ignorable in nature for a better future. Primarily, some instances have proved that the social security of nations are at stake if citizens are migrated without a proper background check. A recent incident in India about the illegal entry of Bangladeshi’s is a classic example of a security threat. Apart from this, It’s a burden to the destination country’s economy if the visitor does not have a considerable income to survive. The per capita income of the USA is very high, which needs to be earned on his own by a migrant to avoid the burden on such a region.

Having said that, the benefits of this phenomenon are humongous and can be encouraged. It primarily improves the economy of the destination country because of increased taxpayers. Straight away 30% deduction of the earnings, for instance, of an employee or a business entity is an additional income for the nation. Adding to this, development diversification would be across the globe by not limiting it to only the developed countries. Different geographies are encouraging enterprises to establish their subsidiaries to promote the local people hiring, for example,  Denmark’s local talent program.

In conclusion, many people are moving to other nations to lead their life. I strongly empathize that there should be proper rules and regulations in place to stop unwanted entries. While there are some drawbacks to this trend, the advantages of this culture to encourage migration between geographies outweighs the disadvantages.

9)Nowadays the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

It has been pointed out that the diversities between various nations have been dying away since the same media is been used by individuals living in most parts of the globe. Personally, I opine that this alternation extremely benefits every single person and countless companies, which surpasses a drawback.

Despite the downside below, the disappearance of the varieties between countries increases the effectiveness of people’s lives incredibly. The reason is that individuals look through the same content on media, so they are far more likely to cultivate a similar thinking style and a sound moral value system. As a result, when people with distinct cultural backgrounds interact with each other, they no longer need to explain the differences which have not existed, promoting more ease and comfort to their daily life. For instance, a vast majority of Chinese students who are studying in Australia say that there has been a decrease in the chances of clarification conflicts when they communicate with local peers since they read the local news, thus leading to that they live effectively. Similarly, appreciating the same information creates more opportunities for organizations to expand international markets, thus improves firms’ profitability and productivity.

Admittedly, a variety of nations becoming the same brings metal issues to several citizens. This is because the disappearance of niche cultures results in those who have this cultural background do not feel proud of being themselves and their own culture, thus impairing their self-esteem and even causing some mental issues to them. As an illustration, a huge number of African youngsters who have started learning English and giving up their mother language state that they do not have a sense of belonging towards their own countries or even English speaking countries. They always confuse who they are and feel unsafe.

In conclusion, people may vary in their opinion about the elimination of differences between nations, while I am of the opinion that the advantages of this shift outweigh the negative effect in terms of impairing mental well-being.

10)These days many people prefer ready to eat food outside of their home rather than homemade food. Do you think this has more advantages or disadvantages.

Nowadays, eating outside is becoming increasingly popular among individuals. However, some people prefer eating in restaurants instead of making food at home. Although many females get the advantage of time-saving, they will also struggle with obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle later. In my opinion, citizens are far better off having lunch or dinner at home despite the challenges they will inevitably face.

The greatest advantage of having nourishment in the hotel is that housewives will have ample amount of time to spend with their children and family members that would have been otherwise impossible if they had prepared all three meals of the day in their home. Being standing in the kitchen for the whole day make them apart from their house members. For example, one of the studies done at Harvard University states that girls who go out very often with their boyfriends for takeaway have a much easier life than others who cook in an apartment. Thus, for these reasons, preserved contaminants would help in upholding stronger relations among the brood.

The main drawback that eaters will face is detrimental life choices. These can further increase the chances of obesity which can cause a serious effect on the body as pre-made preservatives contain a high level of fat and sugar. If a person chooses to eat outside of their household, he/she would gain weight easily eating all day. For instance, various studies conducted in the UK concluded that these uncommon preferences have been increased by more than 50% since 2016 due to the implementation of hazardous diets ruled by mankind. Thus, ingesting subsistence from superstores can cause changes in physical appearance.

In conclusion, having breakfast in shops has become a common inclination for all humans. While it brings the cons of destructive life situations, but it also saves quality time for everyone.

11)- Governments should spend money on railways rather roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Money should be spent on train tracks rather than roads by governments. I completely agree that governments should invest more funds on rail tracks rather than roads.

Money should be spent on railways by governments as this will help to connect different cities and countries as well as boost the economy. Rails construction is very vital for land transportation, rail tracks enable people to travel between cities and countries, they are people who live in one city and tend to work in another by using trains to work with ease and this also has a beneficial effect on the economy of the country. For instance, in 1991, the British and French governments, spend money on railway lines from London to Paris, this has enabled the UK and French citizens to travel between both countries by trains. As a result of this massive project, families can enjoy holidays and vacations in another country and it has also boosted the economy of the two European countries.

Furthermore, the railroad tracks will help in the movement of very heavy cargo on land. Some rails are designed to carry huge goods from the construction company to the place where it is to be installed. This is because some roads cannot withstand the weight of some types of equipment being transported on them. For example, in 2020, in the United States of America,  Tesla company was building a spacecraft and the materials needed was too heavy that it can only be moved by rails. Thus, that same year various spaceship companies could transport so many gigantic materials across United States.

In conclusion, I believe governments should spend on railway lines rather than roads because it connects cities and helps Industries transport heavy materials which is beneficial to the economy.

12)people think that marriage should happen only when couples are financially secure. Do you agree or disagree?

According to people, the financial situation of couples should be stabled before they get married. However, this term depends on the personality of each person, this essay will reject that idea.

In the first place, it is inconceivable to disregard cutting edge technology, since we live in the computer edge. For instance, the number of influencers in social media has grown nowadays, because of the wide range of users relying on them and following their lifestyle. That is why there is an available source of income for couples that they can start together without any constraints. Therefore, by considering opportunities that are provided by cyberspace they can be married and then start to increase their salaries in a short time.

In the second place, the majority of challenges in the sector of mental health will be resolved if adults get married any time they need. For example, the latest research in the field of psychology demonstrates that both motivation and enthusiasm are the factors that encourage men and women to work harder and cohabitation is a way to develop those points. Thus, marriage not only making people more eager to earn money but also prevents them from some diseases such as depression.

To summarize, stability in terms of the financial situation has not influenced people’s decisions regarding getting married or not. Consequently, I completely disagree with this idea. based on a thorough analysis of the matter, it is predicted that most of the adults will be ignored all the points about the financial condition in the future, and because of this, this proposal and the like will not be mentioned in the next decade.

13)Some people think competitions inside and outside of school are necessary for children to prepare for their future. Others think it’s bad . Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Schools are the institutions that shape children’s future. It is needless to say that ambience at schools have a great impact on each and every child. Some believe the competitive nature should be cherished at the school level, while others strongly disagree. In this essay, I will discuss both views and explain why I belong to the latter group of people.

A group of people feels that it is absolutely necessary to promote competitions at schools. According to them, competitions push a person to work harder and excel in his career, which is partly correct. In a survey conducted by Mcgill University, for example, it was found that rewarding students for achieving first place have boosted the energy and effort that pupils were putting in their endeavours. It is clear from this that if there were no racing for any achievement the zeal of the journey for doing better would have simply died. In my opinion, however, this is not the case always.

Despite the aforementioned logic, many, including me, believe the competitive atmosphere in educational institutions often creates fear and anxiety  among children and adolescents. They argue that all children are special and all are born with some innate qualities which are to be found eventually. Even if they work hard, at times, the aimed position might remain unattainable due to misfortune or anything . That genuinely does not define a student as a failure. There is multiple evidence that failing in such competitions has compelled pupils to think less of themselves and their mental health got affected . An article published in The Hindu, for instance, have shown through a story of a teen who has locked herself in her room for 3 days as she could not face her parents after not getting the desired score. Such incidents point out clearly that rat-racing in reality promotes anxiety and stress instead of encouragement to hard work.

In conclusion, it is clear that some sort of encouragement is essential to push every learner to study harder. Competitions alone, however, are not the solution. Youngsters should be encouraged to study and excel in their careers in a healthier way than only rat-racing. Because success in life is far from just being the first in a class test.

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