لیسنینگ آیلتس
فهرست مطالب

1200 کلمه پر کاربرد در لیسنینگ آیلتس رو قورت بده!

به نقل از آکادمی زبان هیراد:

در لیسنینگ آیلتس حرفه ای شو و بالاترین نمره رو با یادگیری 1200 کلمه کسب کن و از ویدیوهای زبان عمومی و آیلتس آکادمی هیراد قافل نشو.


Days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

Sunday, weekdays, weekend.


Months of the year

January, February, March, April, May, June, July August,

September, October, November, December.


Money matters

cash, debit, credit card, cheque, in advance, annual fee,

monthly membership, interest rate, deposit, tuition fees, poverty, bank statement,

money management, current account, student account, withdraw, low-risk investment,

mortgage, grace period, budget deficit, retail voucher, coupon, counterfeit money,

public money, taxpayers’ money, debt, interest-free credit, purchase, partial refund,

annuity, non-refundable, MasterCard, VISA, distribution costs, income, finance

department, family finances, duty-free store.



science, politics, history, biology, architecture, law, geography,

archaeology, literature, business management, agriculture, statistics, mathematics,

logic, physics, psychology, anthropology, economics, philosophy, performing arts, visual

arts, chemistry, humanities.


Studying at college/university

course outline, group discussion, handout,

written work, report writing, research, Proofreading, experiment, experience,

reference, textbook, dictionary, laptop, printer, student advisor, teamwork, module,

topic, assessment, library, department, computer centre, classroom, lecture, tutor,

main hall, attendance, deadline, give a talk, speech, computer laboratory, certificate,

diploma, placement test, overseas students, full-time, facilities, college, dining room,

specialist, knowledge, international, accommodation, home stay, primary, secondary,

intermediate, media room, resources room, staff, commencement, dissertation,

leaflet, faculty, pupils, pencil, feedback, tasks, outcomes, advanced, introductory,

extra background, higher education, guidelines, post-secondary, supervisor, bachelor’s

degree, compound, vocabulary, student support services, student retention, publication,

foreign students, schedule, school reunion, registrar’s office, stationery.



catalogue, interview, newsletter, competition, TV program, strategies,

research method, entertainment industry, leadership, management, display, products,

customer, special offer, collecting data, questionnaire, survey, mass media, statistic,

profit margin, poll, business card, training, trainee, merchandise, manufacture,




yoga, tai-chi, keep-fit, salad bar, vegetarian, outdoor activities, leisure time,

disease, meal, protein, balanced diet, food pyramid, vitamin, carbohydrates, rice,

pasta, potatoes, pizza, tomatoes, bread, cereals, minerals, zinc, meat, seafood, eggs,

beans, milk, cheese, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, citrus fruits, green pepper, blackcurrant,

nuts, egg yolk, liver, medicine، treatment, remedy, nursing care, nursery, regular exercise.



field, footbridge, environment, waterfall, river, mountain, forest, village,

coast, reef, lake, valley, hill, cliff, island, peninsula, earthquake, avalanche, tornado,

typhoon, desertification, volcano, disaster, catastrophe, erosion, landslides, storm,

flood, hurricane, pond, jungle, oasis, dam, canyon.


The environment: greenhouse effect, acid rain, global warming, carbon dioxide,

burring fossil, exhaust fumes, deforestation, nitrogen oxide, smog, climate, pollution,

temperature, power plants, landfill, cattle, wind turbine, soar power, hydroelectric

power, renewable, source of energy, reliable, solar panels, environmentally friendly,

oxygen, chemical-free, desert, degradation, vegetation, sea level, ocean currents, soil

conditioner, coal, fossil fuels, firewood, drought, contaminated.


The animal kingdom

 birds of prey, seabirds, poultry and game, mammals,

cetacean, whale, primates, rodents, fish, amphibian, reptile, insects, octopus, phylum,

class, order, family, genus, species, livestock, creature, lion, penguin.



mushroom, fungus, leaves, seed, core, bark, trunk, twig, branch, flower,

stem, roots, cluster, fertilizer.



South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe,

Australia and Antarctica.



Egypt, Mexico, France, Indonesia, Turkey, England, Germany, China,

Greece, Brazil, India, North Korea, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan,

Singapore, Switzerland , United Kingdom, Italy, the dominican republic, the philippines،




linguistics, bilingual, trilingual, polyglot, Portuguese, Mandarin,

Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, Punjabi, Thai, Persian, Filipino,

French, Italian, Greek, French.


Architecture and buildings: dome, palace, fort, castle, glasshouse, pyramid,

log cabin, lighthouse, hut, skyscraper, sculpture.



semi-detached house, duplex, terraced house, town house, row house,

bungalow, thatched cottage, mobile home, houseboat, block of flats, apartment

building, condominium, chimney, bedroom, basement, landlord, tenant, rent, lease,

neighborhood, suburb, sofa, coffee table, dormitory, storey, kitchen, refrigerator,

microwave, ground floor, oven, hallway, insurance.


In the city

cities, street, lane, city centre, central station, car park, department

store, bridge, temple, embassy, road system, hospital, garden, avenue,

Workplaces: clinic, dentist, reception, appointment, staff selection, colleague,

workshop, showroom, information desk, employer, employment, unemployed, technical

cooperation, team leaders, stress, ability, vision, confidence, employee, internship.


Rating and qualities

reasonable, satisfactory, dangerous, safe, strongly

recommended, poor quality, satisfied, disappointed, efficient, luxurious, colored,

spotted, striped, expensive, cheap.



tourist guided tour, ticket office, souvenir, trip, guest, reservation, view,

culture, memorable, single double bedded room, picnic, tourist attraction, hostel,

suite, aquarium.



train, develop, collect, supervise, mark, edit, revise, exhibit, donate,

surpass, register, support, hunt, persuade, concentrate, discuss, suggest, arrange,

borrow, immigrate, review, learn, touch.



energetic, social, ancient, necessary, fantastic, exciting, fabulous,

dull, comfortable, convenient, suitable, affordable, voluntary، mandatory, compulsory,

temporary, permanent, Immense, vast, salty, extinct, vulnerable, pessimistic,

optimistic, realistic, practical, knowledgeable, flexible, confident, Western, intensive,

tranquil, spectacular, intact, various.



orienteering, caving, spelunking, archery, ice skating, scuba-diving,

snorkeling, skateboarding, bowls, darts, golf, billiards, photography, painting, pottery,

woodcarving, gardening, stamp collection, embroidery, climbing, chess, parachute.



cricket, baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer, american football, hockey,

swimming, tennis, squash, badminton, ping-pong, field, court, pitch, stadium, team,

the discus, the javelin, the hammer, the high jump, horse racing, show jumping, polo,

cycling, gymnasium, athlete, gym, extreme sports, paragliding, hang-gliding, skydiving,

abseiling, snowboarding, bungee jumping, surfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing,

bodyboarding, white-water rafting, kitesurfing, mountain biking, jogging, press-up,

push-up, barbell, treadmill, judo, recreation, snooker, walking, championship,

canoeing, refreshment.



Square, rectangular, triangular, polygon, Oval, spherical, spiral, circular,

curved, cylindrical, Measurement width, length, altitude, imperial system, metric system, Mass, depth, breadth, height, three dimensions, frequency.



cargo plane, shipment, container ship, boat, lifeboat,

ferry, hovercraft, hydrofoil, liner, canal boat, narrowboat, dinghy sailing, sailboat,

paddle steamer, cabin cruiser, rowing boat, rowboat, kayak, canoe, punt, gondola,

aircraft, helicopter, seaplane, airship, hot-air balloon, airport, crew, passenger,

platform, hire a car, automobile.



double-decker bus, single-decker, minibus, school bus, coach, truck,

tanker, van, lorry, transporter, forklift truck, tow truck, breakdown truck, pickup, jeep,

caravan, camper, tractor, taxi, cab, tram, underground, subway, stream train, freight

train, goods train.



humid, hot, sticky, breeze, chilly, cold, cool, dry, dusty, freezing, hot,

warm, wet, weather forecast, antenna, moisture.


Places: local library, swimming pool, cafeteria, cottage, parliament,

accommodation, restaurant, canteen, cafe, bookshop, sports centre, city council,

dance studio, park, conversation club, kindergarten.


Equipment and tools

helmet, light, musical instrument, cassette, silicon chip,

digital monitor, gadget, device, screen, breaks, wheels , mechanical pencil, disk,



The arts and media

Opera , Orchestra , concert , symphony, the press,

conductor, vocalist, audience, festival, carnival, exhibition, classical music, theatre,

cinemas, art gallery, museum, ballet, television, radio, graphics, newspaper.



fur, metal, steel, aluminum, copper, rubber, plastic, ceramics, glass,

cement, stone, textile, cotton, fabric, wool, leather, bone, paper, lumber/wood, glue,

composite, fiberglass, concrete, wax, paper, wood, silver, gold, feather.


Works and jobs

occupation, profession, designer, decorator, architect, engineer,

manager, waitress, waiter, teacher, vacancy, professor, specialist, psychologist،

volunteer, freelance, secretary, craftsman ,work experience, curriculum vitae, mail

address, receptionist, pilot, guard, flight attendant, lecturer, office assistant, clerk,

accountant, cashier, captain.



blue, white, orange, green, grey, black, red, yellow, purple, brown, pink

Expressions and time: three times, three times per week, a gap year, fulltime, part-time, midday, midnight, millennium, century, decade, fortnight.



passport photo, state, government, individual, variety, private sector,

practice, gender, creativity, original inhabitant, indigenous, demonstration, strike,

entrance, circuit, guarantee, dialogue , commerce, carriage, narrative, chocolate,

satellite, decision, prototype, attitude, daily routine, personal fulfillment, activity,

recipient, ultrasound, pedestrian safety, traffic jams, procedures, creation, prize,

junior, senior, opportunity, driving license, process, literary, man-made, republicans,

umbrella, frequently updated, waiting list, sewer systems, liberal democracy,

democrats, lunar calendar, libertarian, burger, videos, nature conservation, life

expectancy, fund-raising event, magnet, dialect, ramification, straight, farewell, welfare,

encyclopedia, evolution, revolution, illiteracy, robot, proficiency, sufficient

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