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کارت های رول پلی امتحان OET را ببین و در آیلتس موفق شو - آکادمی زبان هیراد

نمونه های کارت های رول پلی امتحان OET سال 2021

OET Speaking subtest is considered to be one of the hardest tests to take as you will be required to speak face-to-face with the examiner. However, it is not that tough to score a 350 or more on this test. All you need to do is practice your speaking skills well and follow the role play card duly. In this article, we will help you gain an understanding of how to ace this test by providing a nursing and medicine sample role play for your practice.

Before moving forward, it is important to brush some of the basic points to follow while taking the speaking test. They are as follows:

Make a dynamic introduction.

Enquire with relevant questions.

Avoid using negative language and focus on the positive.

Avoid speaking throughout the interview and let the communication flow.

Address all the points given in the role-playing card.

You will recieve a role-play card to carry out the speaking test. This card will explain the situation and what you are required to do in the situation. You will be required to keep this card with you while doing the role play.


Sample 1 for nursing role play card is as follows:

Setting: Hospital

Nurse: A 4-year old child has been brought to the hospital suffering from high fever, wheezing, and chest tightness. You have suspected the child to have asthma. You are the nurse required to take the child’s vital and keep the parents from getting agitated and anxious while the child is waiting for the doctor.


Explain to the parent that the doctor and emergency department are busy and a doctor will be right over to see the child.

Ask the parents to brief you about the child’s condition.

Explain to the parents what they can expect from the doctor.

Reassure the parent that you are doing everything in your power to take care of the child and let them know that a doctor will attend them shortly.

Inform them that you need to continue taking the child’s vitals.

Help the parent to relax and allow you to attend to the child.



Sample 2 for medicine role play card is as follows:

Setting: Clinic

 Doctor: A 45-year-old patient is appearing for a check-up after suffering a mild heart attack two weeks ago. This patient was discharged from the hospital four days ago after recovering without any complications. However, the patient is now concerned about the long-term recovery process and fear that any physical activity can bring on another attack.


Ask the patient about his worries and assure him that lethargy and fatigue can be expected for the first few weeks.

Explain to the patient the importance of exercises like low cholesterol, weight loss, strengthening of the heart, and much more.

Recommend activities to prevent any future heart attack

Advise the patient to join a cardiac rehabilitation center to increase physical tolerance under guidance.

Assure the patient that his concerns are valid.

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