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1) Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Discipline and punctuality are two qualities that every human being should have. Many think that it is a job of parents to teach children how to be a good citizen of society, whereas others think that they should learn it from school. I agree with the first thought and in this, essay I will present my arguments and provide my opinion.

Firstly, children spend a majority of their time at home with their parents. So the influence of parents will be much more on them. So it is the job of guardians to teach them and make them aware with a concept of respect, to every fellow citizen in the society. For example, they should provide a role model in their life or they can become a role model for them and provide them with a comfortable environment to learn, to respect each other. Secondly, parents should also teach their children about their duties towards society, it helps them to build a character. For instance, parents should encourage kids to participate voluntarily in social work and community services. Last but not least, money management is also a quality which should be taught them by their guardian as it helps them in their in the budget in future.

On the other hand, teachers also play an important role in every student’s life. It is impossible for kids to learn each and every aspect of life from their folks, in such cases teachers should come and play their role. For example, school is the best place to teach the value of discipline as it is a hard quality for parents to teach their kids. Discipline not only helps each individual but in general it helps to develop a better nation as each citizen are aware of their duty and role in the society. In addition, punctuality and time management are two important aspects of life. These two virtues should be taught to students by their teachers. In such case, teachers should give them some task to complete within a limited time and who gets succeeded in completing them within a time limit, they should be rewarded and make them a role model for others.

To conclude, I reiterate my opinion that it is a job of parents to teach children how to be good members of society, but it is also important that in some aspects teachers and the school also play their role in this process and make each child good citizens.

2) Some people say now we can see films on phones or tablets, there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that we can fully enjoy in cinema only. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Movies are one of the most important means of entertainment in today’s world. Many of the people believe that movies could be watched on phone rather than in cinema, while some believe that it more fun watching movies in cinema. This essay will discuss on explore both the view with relevant examples.

During COVID times, everyone was instructed to stay home by initiating lockdown. During this time most of the people found convenient watching movies on phones and also found it very cost effective option.  For example, Netflix, amazon have started releasing movies even before they got released in theater and you just need to pay subscription fee to watch movies. Due to this people started spending more time with families, enjoying movies at home. On other hand it also had disadvantages as it is making people use mobiles more often and also getting them restricted to their house. Every individual should know the right usage of any application even when it is easily available.

One should also not forget the experience, movie watchers can have while watching movies in theatre in big screen. Also, theatre provide great sound system which makes us feel the movie more real and they have wide range of facilities. For example, the theater near my house provides options of different cuisine dishes and can be brought prepared to your seat without needing you to wait at counter. Recently there has been a lot of increase in cost for food and tickets at few locations. The people should find right options while choosing the cinema halls and not go overboard spending too much to watch a film.

Despite the convenience, experience plays more important role in watching movies. This essay has discussed on how movies are being watched on phone or tablets and how few find it more interesting to watch movies in movie halls. In my opinion, I would say theaters are the best option to enjoy the movie.

3) Many people today do not know their neighbors as well as they did in the past. What is the cause of this problem? What can be done to solve it?

In this modern world, people are so busy in their own life that they hardly interact with their neighbours. Sometimes they don’t even know the name of the people living close to them. There could be many reasons for these, one of them could be their busy life. Notwithstanding, the disclosure delves into these vantage points, and subsequently will explain why I think so.

Firstly, I think people are socializing less with the families living nearby. The reasons could be their hectic job schedule. Because everyone is so involved in their jobs, that they hardly get to spend the time with their spouse or kids. For instance, I have a friend who works in a particular company, and his work schedule is at least 10 hours per day for 6 days a week. And, that’s why they try to spend the time with their children, and not with their neighbours. Conversely , in past, people invest their time meeting others because there was no means of distraction such as phones, computers etc.

In order to solve this, I think families should leave in an environment where there is more interaction with the families living in their proximity. For these ,society apartments could be the best place where the society members can arrange weekly or monthly social gatherings to get to know everyone better.  For example, in the society I live in, the society members send invitations to various events where everyone can come with their families and chill. We get together in  groups and play games , eat together and chill.

In conclusion, I think people should give some time meeting  new people, and getting to know each other. Also, in the current ,world there are so many gadgets which keep people interacting with other people.

4) Some people think it’s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. Other people believe it’s good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Having a good friend is an absolute blessing of life, however the quality that defines a good friend have always been questioned. It is often argued that whether friends should have a similar perspective towards almost everything or having different opinions from time to time between friends brings more benefits. This essay will outline why some people believe that it is necessary to have healthy arguments with friends, but why it is better to have friends who can agree with each other.

It is feasible to believe that disagreements between friends can play a role in regard to personal growth. To be more specific, while people argue about different opinions, they can learn new perspectives, knowledge and ideas. That is to say, if people have friends that one have a different opinion to another, it will result in having nourishing discussions and benefit each other to grow more. So people have sufficient reasons to insist that having friends with different thoughts is beneficial.

However, the quality of friends does consist in neither personal improvement nor obtaining more knowledge, it is close to mental support. To explain, people can learn knowledge and acquire different views of  life or subjects from other options such as a teacher, a colleague, the internet. However they are not able to replace the role of a friend which is being next to each other and support with heart. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for friends to have similar opinions to rely on each other.

In conclusion, there are definitely some advantages from being friends with someone whose opinion differs from another, as it could light up to new views of any matters and prevent from staying in closed thoughts. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that friends are there to support each other mentally not educationally. Thus, the quality of good friends is subject to being friendly and supportive rather than being against one another.

5) Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Currently, people consider food is getting simple and easy to prepare. However, this change will affect everyone daily life. In my opinion, I believe that sometimes it is easy to cook. Alternatively, instant packaging food might influence our health in the future.

Firstly, consuming some food in the supermarket is the best way when everybody has a busy life. They can eat very quickly. Also, it saves time for cooking. To illustrate this, every parent has to work every day. They need to prepare some meals for themselves or their children. Instant noodles or a food can will be a good option. As a result, they do not need to spend time too much for shopping the recipe and thinking of all ingredients.

Secondly, there are many new flavours of some food. Some people enjoy having various tastes. Different people have different eating styles. For example, children like taking fresh seafood, meat, and snacks. They will feel happy without any concern and can eat more and more. Hence, the more new food, the more children love.

Nevertheless, not every food is good for health. There are a lot of concerns about the ingredients in some meals. Consumers always ignore what is this food contains. This behaviour will make them sick afterwards. So, food is essential for everyone, but they need to be careful.

In conclusion, the change in food affects people life. Not only make them have easy cooking but also, they can enjoy the various taste of food. Although, some food is bad for their health. Consequently, there are both advantages and disadvantages to taking meals. Everybody will find a way to make them feel worth eating.

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