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سوالات جدید Speaking آیلتس

سوالات جدید Speakingآیلتس Part 1در سال 2020

( January to April )

1 speaking part  آیلتس تایید اولیه روی مصاحبه گر دارد و می تواند مشخص کند که شما در چه سطحی از زبان هستید. در بانک سوالات جدید با شما یکسری از سوالات در مهارت speaking  آیلتس Part 1  را در میان می گذاریم.

1 Do you prefer to use pen or pencil for writing ?

در جواب به این سوال می توانید از افعال زیر استفاده کنید.

نوت برداری کردن Write down
نوت برداری کردن Jot down
نوت برداری کردن Note down

2 When was the last time you bought a pen or a pencil ?

 3 How would you feel if someone gave you a pen or pencil as a gift?

آموزش آیلتس هیراد

Cake and Dessert 

Do you liking eating cakes?

Have you ever made a cake?

Do you like having desserts ?

What desserts are popular in your country?


Do you like history?

Do you enjoy learning history?

When you were a child ?

When was the last time you read about history?

Do you think history is important ?


Are you interested in science ?

Do you have science classes at school ?

Do you think it is important to study science ?


Have you ever been to an art gallery?

Do you like going to museums?

Did you take art classes when you were a child ?

Are there any painting in the wall in your bedroom ?


Do you have a favorite number ?

Are you good at memorising numbers ?

Do you often use numbers to do things?

Would you like to have a job that deals with number?


Do you prefer a long break or several short breaks?

How often do you take a break?

What do you usually do during a break?

Why do you need to take a break?


Do you like running?

Where do usually go running?

Have you ever run a long distance?

Do you think running is a good way to stay healthy?

Wild animals

Have you ever seen wild animals before?

Which wild animals do you like the most?

Do you like to go to the zoos?

دانش پژوهان محترم باید روی سوالات جدید در  Speaking Part 1 آیلتس با دقت کار کنید و برای هر سوال 4 تا 5 جمله صحبت کنید. در حقیقت باید هر سوال را توسعه دهسد. اگر فقط یک جمله بگویید ، مصاحبه گر به شما امتیاز خوبی نمی دهد.

دپارتمان آیلتس مرکز زبان هیراد