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رایج ترین فریزال وربز در مکالمه انگلیسی

رایج ترین Phrasal Verbs در مکالمه انگلیسی

گروه های فعلی هستند که از ترکیب یک فعل به همراه یک حرف اضافه یا قید تشکیل می شود. یادگیری این گروه های فعلی به دانش آموزان کمک میکند تا مکالمه بهتری را ارایه دهند. تمامی این گروه های فعلی در مرکز تخصصی زبان هیراد توسط کادری مجرب و حرفه ای آموزش داده می شود.

در ذیل گروه های فعلی مهم گردآوری شده است.

phrasal verbs پرکاربرد در مکالمه

Ask around The desperately worried mother asked around but nobody has seen her child. The child has vanished. ازهمه پرسیدن 
Bring about The media have brought about remarkable success in informing people about the dangers of narcotic drugs. باعث شد ن
Carry on That young man will be in big trouble if he carries on pilfering. ادامه دادن
Count on My father is always supportive of me so I count on him in serious troubles. روی کسی حساب کردن
Call off The flights are going to call off due to terrible weather. لغوکردن
Die down The majority of people have heard all kinds of rumors about that prominent politician but these rumors will never die down. فروکش کردن
Fall through My plan to hang out with my friends fell through at the last moment. به نتیجه نرسیدن
Get in While I was getting in the car I remembered that I had left the stove on. سوارماشین شدن
Get out Get out of my car the man shouted angrily at the young woman. ازماشین  پیاده شدن
Get on Do not forget to have single ticket before getting on the bus. سواراتوبوس شدن
Get off An elderly lady decided to get off the bus at the Paddington station. ازاتوبوس پیاده شدن
Look up to New generation do not look up to the elderly. احترام گذاشتن
Look to I look to increase my general knowledge by doing the crossword. انتظار داشتن
Look into A private detective is going to be hired to look into the root cause of the accident. بررسی کردن
Look down on The majority of highly educated people look down on anyone who has not had a university education. به دیده تحقیرنگاه کردن
Look after He was hired for the purpose of looking after the elderly. مراقبت کردن
Take after I take after my mother in terms of high intelligence and generosity. به کسی رفتن
Take over The new government will have taken over by the end of 2021. ریاست به عهده گرفتن
Turn down They offered that political leader the job but he turned it down. ردکردن
Put off The football match is going to put off until next week because of terrible weather conditions. به تعویق افتادن
Pass away As soon as he passed away they conducted a respectable funeral at church. مردن
Let someone down He is not expected to let poor people down when they really need help. کسی راناامید کردن
Wear out 1 My trousers are beginning to wear out. It is time to buy a new pair of trousers. کهنه شدن
  2 A busy day can wear me out a lot.
از پا انداختن
Wear off The side effects of sedative drug were beginning to wear off. به تدریج از بین رفتن