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منوی اصلی

IELTS Speaking test in Iran – October 2014

Speaking test


? What is your full name
? Can I see your ID
? Where are you from
? Do you work or study
? What subject are you studying
? Why did you select this subject for study
? Do you think computers have more advantages than disadvantages 

Cue Card

Describe a food product which is produced in your region Please say

? what the product is
? where you can buy it
? who usually buys it and why



? Do you personally like this product
? Do you prefer local or imported products
? Do you think it is right for famous brands to export their food products anywhere
? Should people buy food products of their own country Why
? Name some of the food products which are popular in other parts of the country 
? What types of food products are imported to your country Why